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Blood stained the black tattoo marring her skin,
The permanent story of a wild fox
Etched into soft flesh by both ink and blade.
Shallow wounds would scar, starting a new tale
Of a chase between a conceited wolf
And a broken woman forever marked,
Restricted to the cage he made for her.
She radiated courage, honesty,
And a beating heart ready to run free.
A pretty girl drenched in alcohol’s stench
Was the reflection the world chose to see,
But under the wolf’s watch, his dreadful stare,
She looked upon crowds from lonely shadows
Where her tainted thoughts were held under key.
You should fly back to the birds
After suffering a shot worse than death.
You're only a bird of ice nearly shattered
By another that bares a heart of defeat,
A double-edged hill that could have shielded you
Rather than place you in a cage in the dark.
He was the window at the end of the tunnel,
A false hope waiting to taste gold at your expense.
You can still break the bullet he fired.
You can bite fate and bandage your wounds.
Pull on your rope of opportunity,
Until you reach the end of the loop,
To pull the pain from your heart.
If you can heal the remaining half of your feather,
You will no longer have a burdening knot in your side.
From over the drawing board,
You will find your strength and his weakness.
Tie your heart as you rise,
And rise again as he stumbles out of the light.
Let your courage soar and always remember:
You're a perfectly flawed bird of ice.
Bird of Ice
Written for Creative Writing (ENGL202), Fall 2015.


Julia Royalty
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States


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